Our team of designers can create what you need for your business.



A Fully 'Done For

You' Package


$150 per submission

Level #2 Jobs

$300 per job required

All Inclusive

'GEM Done For You' is a full service digital marketing agency. Our funnels, landing pages & websites are designed to attract attention and engage your audience while our system converts visitors into leads with ease through conversion optimisation techniques that work in tandem for maximum effectiveness!

We offer world-class quality solutions at competitive prices because we believe all businesses deserve equality when it comes down their online presence - no matter how new or experienced they may be; which means you can hire us without breaking the bank either way

Imagine Your Whole Business Set Up Online With FULL AUTOMATION!

Ready for you to just check your leads, sales & service your customers.

You Get All This!

  • One page full website built
  • Full email and text automation workflows
  • Booking calendar and reminder sequence
  • Integrated Form or Survey with automated workflows
  • CRM & email list imported into GEM
  • You will be notified by our system every time there is a booking or purchase.
  • You will have a phone app to access your calendar, appointments & messages
  • Full tutorial on how to log into your GEM account to access your messages and your appointments


GEM will create a beautiful interactive website for your business. You can have the site you desire. You will also be in constant contact with our design and build team so make sure the site is exactly what you want.


You will get access to download a phone app for all communications, bookings and schedules on the go.

Log in to get your messages or check appointments booked.


This is where GEM excels! Our automations and system is unlike any other. We can create a fully automated system for you where everything is connected and working together. Stay in contact and delight customers with email, text, voice messages, FB and Insta messages.


We can set up a full booking and appointment system within the system for you and embed it into the funnel or website you choose. As with everything in GEM it all connects easily and we will set up a full email confirmation and booking reminder sequence email and text series for you as well.


Internally in our system we can set up any forms or surveys you wish on your funnels or website. Forms to gather details for your email list, giveaways, or survey to gather info when people book a call. This links up automatically for you to make things simple.



Our GEM system fully integrates with Shopify so if you have an existing Shopify store we can connect it easily with your system and embed it into your website. We also have the added benefit of our email system totally connected with Shopify so the emails going out will have their order and full details already gathered from your Shopify store. Integration of an existing store is included. If you do not have a shop and wish us to create one we can discuss this as an extra service for you.

Where we differ to others that build sites for you is that you get access to a whole marketing account for yourself. You can have two levels of access


At our full Diamond level you will get access to the whole account. You will have full access to funnels, websites, online courses, membership, chat bot, calendar & appointments, inbox, CRM, forms & surveys etc and so much more. Meaning that once we set up the 'done for you'. You can then go on to create your own courses, funnels, memberships, surveys, forms and so much more to continue to build your business.

Our funnels, landing pages & websites convert more leads & sales, backed by our fully automated system. Never miss a lead or message again!

How Do

We Do It?

Sales Orientated Strategy

Our websites and funnels are gorgeous to look at but also effective. This all starts with the strategy. We carefully study your business, your perfect customer and what appeals to them to create compelling offers, copy, images and automations. That is how we turn visitors into paying customers.

High Converting Content

We know how to write copy that will capture your audience's attention, hold it and turn them into customers. Every piece of content is custom-tailored just for you so we can delight in giving our clients a superior experience with every word they read!

Impressive Design

With our innovative design, you'll be able to captivate your users with ease. Your customers won't want move on from the site once they've scrolled down it - we guarantee that! Our team will give them an experience like no other as their browse through content-filled pages and stunning visuals.

We know how important this is for businesses these days!

Quick Development

Your business deserves an online presence that drives sales, engages customers and employees. We're experts in creating websites with speed for any device - desktop or mobile!

If you select this incredible offer we will arrange for you to jump on an initial call with us to discuss your business requirements. After our call you can decide if you want to proceed when you have all the info.



We will then set you up in a private chat with our tech & design team who will be working on your assets. We will also be involved in the discussion along the way to make sure that we can add ideas and customisation to your website.

Your website will be built out inside your own GEM account so at anytime

you can take a look at the progress and see how they are going.

Fill Out The Form To Order Your Free Website!

Once you fill out this form with your requirements. You will be taken to a calendar to book a time join one of the team to work out exactly what you want on your site and how GEM can benefit your business.

Our additional extras will really help your business grow, and delight your customers. You can choose as many additional extras as you like. The cost of each extra will be displayed.
Talking Avatar - this is a unique feature you will not see on other sites. You have the ability to engage your customers immediately when they land on your site. What the avatar can say is only restricted by your imagination. To create and set up the talking avatar on your site is $1,000 it can also be in your own personal voice, with your own facial features if required.
I would love the talking avatar on my site!
Booking calendar and fully automated confirmation & reminder email, text & voicemail sequence. The booking calendar and fully automated sequence is $500. (currently FREE)
Yes I would love a booking calendar and fully automated sequence.
Automated review system, a system that sends out a review request to each customer after their appointment and also places the 5star reviews direct on your site in real time. The business with the most reviews wins the customers. $500 (currently FREE)
Yes we need the automated review system.
Chat Widget - This can be placed on your site in your brand colours with your image. All correspondance from this will land in your GEM hosting inbox and you can respond via email or text. $200. (Currently FREE)
We need the chat widget on the site.
When you click to submit this form you will be taken to a booking calendar to book a time to chat to one of our designers. Ask any questions, get clear on what you want on the site and find out the different levels of hosting that may suit your business. We look forward to chatting to you!
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